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Founded in 1996 in Ames, Iowa, VenuWorks provides full-service venue management to arenas, theatres, and convention centers throughout the United States. Our services include, but are not limited to, operations, programming, finance & administration, food & beverage, and sales & marketing.

Since inception, the core management philosophy of VenuWorks has been centered on events - the lifeblood of a successful public assembly facility. This philosophy was integral in the development of VenuWorks Presents, a full-service concert production department, laser focused on promoting live entertainment in clubs, theatres, arenas, and amphitheaters across the country.

VenuWorks Presents provides cross-functional event support with contract administration, accounting, marketing, ticketing, and event management. From its humble beginning, the focus of VenuWorks Presents has never wavered – to create unforgettable experiences for both the artists and the fans.

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